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We will be closed from the 22nd Dec 2018 and will re-open on the 2nd Jan 2019.
We wish all our customer a blessed and safe festive season!!

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Pretoria Moot and North Carpet Cleaners

Welcome to the Largest Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Organisation in the World!

Do your tiles look grubby, even though you clean them regularly? Have you forgotten what colour your floor tiles are supposed to be?

Chem-Dry Pretoria Moot and North can now assist you in getting your floor tiles back to looking “like new” condition. Commercial products often leave a residue which builds-up over time. This leaves your tile looking dull and/or grubby. We can bring them back to life for you. Leaving your tiles floors looking fresh and giving them a new lease of life.

Contact us for a free quote for carpet, upholstery or any one of our numerous cleaning services, we have direct access to many Pretoria Moot and North towns and have a fully qualified professional team ready to meet your cleaning, restoration or pet cleaning problems.

Service delivered by trustworthy and friendly professionals carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Chem-Dry’s patented system uses a unique, hot-carbonating process and a naturally based cleaning solution that is safe and non-toxic. The system employs a combination of heat and carbonation to help breakdown dirt deeply embedded in carpet or upholstery fibres. Millions of tiny effervescent bubbles lift the dirt to the surface, allowing it to be easily cleaned away rather than becoming further embedded into the fabric.

The gentle process does not harm carpet fibre or fabrics and there is no risk of shrinkage. By using a fraction of the water required with alternative cleaning methods, no excess water is left behind in which mould or bacteria can thrive.

Carpets and upholstery also dry in hours not days as with some carpet cleaning methods. Since Chem-Dry uses the Natural® instead of detergents or shampoos, there are no sticky dirt-attracting residues left behind following a clean and so carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for longer. Chem-Dry cleans carpets in an entirely different way to all other methods.

What our Pretoria Moot and North clients are saying

Good day,
Thank you for the great service that we received. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the carpet looks great. – Regards Michelle

We will delight our customers with the cleanest and fastest drying carpets in the industry. Our products will be expertly applied so as to be gentle on carpets and property, safe for people and pets.

“Hi Rosalyn, 
All the work was really well done, we were very impressed with the work as well as the advice that was given on ways to keep it clean.” – Regards, Tebello

Service delivered by trustworthy and friendly professionals carpet and upholstery cleaners.